Synapse Family

Reza Rezakhani

Web Master


This is a place where we all work together to achieve our goals; our most important goal is to be able to make the world a better place. If you have big ideas and are looking for a wonderful environment to turn your ideas into reality, this is the place for you.

Arman Janat khah

Creative Studio Manager


Creativity is the art of making connections and Synapse is the place for it! I am Arman, and with a team of intelligent and hard-working people, we try to create an image of Synapse as creative and beautiful as itself.

sahar serajian

Organisation Development Specialist


To me, Synapse is a mix of good vibes and feelings.

Amir Hossein Allami

Operation Team Support

Amir Hossein

I am Amir Hussein and I am proud to be a member of Synapse which is such a successful and hopeful family. A place in which you can find glimpses and pieces of the future.

Mehdi Nouri

Process Development Manager


At Synapse, we seek innovative and smart approaches to achieve the best. In this way, we can create a future where we can all live quality lives filled with hope and love.

Faezeh Karami

CEO Representation & Communication and information manager


I am one of the neurotransmitters of Synapse. To me, Synapse is a wonderland, with new things to discover and learn every day. All Synapse members try to create a more exciting world and enticing future.

payam Shah Hoseini

Project Control Manager


Synapse is the happiest, friendliest, and most productive group in Iran. Continuous improvement and achieving major goals is the common purpose of all its members.

Niusha Rohani

People Experience Specialist


Niusha means listener, someone who hears. I am a coda, and my mother tongue is sign language. I think Synapse is made up of a team of interesting and hard-working individuals who work together to create new things in their own specific style and manner in order to create a beautiful world.

Mahdieh Nasirshallal



I’m a Laboratory Immunologist. For me, Synapse is a place of self-discovery. At Synapse, you can experience challenge and triumph simultaneously because they are a cool and energetic family who focus on bettering themselves and their community.

Shahrzad Matinfar



I am Matin, a Medical Immunology graduate. I love my field of study and my work. Synapse is a vibrant and beating heart. And its most valuable asset is its specialized and motivated members. Synapse provides all the necessary conditions for the scientific development and advancement of its members. So that they can eventually develop their own innovative and creative ideas.

Maedeh Alinezhad



I am Maede, a researcher in the field of Immunology, and I have been designing diagnostic kits at Synapse for 2 and a half years. I can safely say that to this day, no two workdays were the same. I am constantly challenging myself and learning new things. I thank Synapse for creating this warm, friendly and challenging environment.

Samira Naderi

Tech Transfer Mentor


Design transfer mentor, a member of ELISA and Chemiluminescence kit design team. Synapse has a joyful, exciting, and positive atmosphere. Its team is composed of some of the bests in the field of IVD. all of these make up for a great platform to start and implement creative ideas. It provides a good path for people who want to chalange themselves and analyze their own abilities. It is better to enter Synapse with the spirit of teamwork and with the phrase “you can do it if you want” engraved in your mind. so that with God’s help, the best will come to you.

Maryam Eskandarian



I am Maryam Eskandarian, a Medical Immunology graduate, I love my field and my job. Synapse is a roaring stream, leaving huge marks on its path. This is the result of risk-taking and confidence in the potential of the younger generation. We live, work and learn at Synapse every day.

Sarina Yousefzadeh



When I was a kid, I wanted to be a pirate, but instead, I became a researcher, and now I design diagnostic kits at Synapse. Synapse has created the perfect space for me to turn my ideas and dreams into reality and stay creative.

Darya Amiri

Lab Molecular Supervisor


I have a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology and a master’s degree in Biophysics. I love my job and I think Synapse is a lovely home.

Hosein Armakan



I have 17 years of lab work experience, from 501 Army hospitals, Ziaian, Loghman, Dey, Masoud, and Atieh hospital, to 13 years working with Pishtaz Teb. And I have been with Synaps for a year now. To me, Synapse is life, hope, vitality, and motivation. It is a roaring river and a place where you learn something new every day, where the world is different. A place that I love.

Mohammad Ali Bakhshpour


Mohammad Ali

With a total of 30 years of work experience in medical diagnostic laboratories, I can say with certainty that I have never seen anything similar to the environment and facilities that Synapse has provided for research and development. I suggest researchers and students interested in research and development to present their ideas to Synapse in order to benefit from these facilities.

Leila Mirzaei



I have almost 19 years of work experience, and it has been a year since I chose the Synapse family. Because Synapse is at the intersection of work and love, it creates an opportunity for the manifestation of the amazing power of creativity and hidden talents.

Mostafa Lakzaei



I am Mustafa. Synapse and all Synapse members are my family. This is a place full of love, perseverance, creativity and a place to achieve your dreams.

Shiva Rezaei

Project Control Specialist


I am Shiva, a graduate of Medical Bacteriology. I joined the vibrant Synapse family in May 1400. Synapse is like a home to me, a home where all the members work together on common goals in order to attain wisdom and knowledge so that they can be a role model for other accelerators. All members share common moral principles, which is one of Synapse’s values. Principles such as love, respect, purposefulness, and hope for the future based on strong teamwork.

Reza Jooya



Turning an idea into a product is like the flow of life for me.
Designing always begins with the spark of an idea that comes to your mind, and after going through a relatively long process, it becomes a product that even how to destroying it is determined by the designer.
Synapse is the best platform in the I.V.D field that helps you turn ideas into products.
Dr. Seyed Reza Jooya
Senior Mentor of Synapse Diagnostic Accelerator Research and Development department in ELISA and chemiluminescence immunoassay.

Alireza Metvaei



My name is Alireza Matvaei. I am a Microbiologist and a specialist in Diagnostic Systems based on Immunoassay methods. Synapse has a scientific and professional environment. Despite having a wide range of facilities and equipment, a suitable platform, and an intimate and friendly atmosphere; they will still provide everything you need so that you can turn your idea into a product. Also, using their connections with older companies and brands in this domain, they can commercialize your product and sell it.

Parsa AminRaftari

Technical Department Specialist


Synapse is our second home. Here we do all kinds of cool and creative things. And create various things.

Amir Mahdi Jafari

Technical Department Specialist

Amir Mahdi

Synapse is a family that supports me on the path to the realization of my innovative and creative ideas, and I am happy to be a part of this family.

Sedigheh Vafaei

Laboratory Supervisor


I am Siddique Vafaee; the laboratory supervisor at Synapse. We got together in Synapse and began our journey; We have progressed together, and we are working together to build the future.

Mehdi Shabani



A friendly and pleasant environment makes scientific work more enjoyable. An educational environment where you can learn new things every day. Problems that require thinking, research, and consultation still help create a team spirit and practice teamwork. Overall, Synapse can be a suitable environment for you to propose new ideas in the field of diagnosis. They will, in turn, provide the necessary material, mentoring, and guidance to help you achieve your goal.

Hanieh Saghaei

Test-e-Man Member


Synapse is a green and vibrant place filled with positive energy from its members and even its walls and flower pots. A place where everyone loves their work and this makes them strive for success.

Arshia Tehrani

Test-e-Man Member


In my opinion, Synapse has an educational environment, with people who all have smiles on their faces; also, you can learn a lot.

faezeh soltanpour



I am an immunologist at Synapse, a graduate of medical sciences at Isfahan University. In the past year, I’ve worked on drug development projects. Why Synapse? Because Synapse is the desire to stay in a world full of reasons to leave! We work to make money but also to make an impact on our community! Here, our lives don’t fall into a daily routine! Because at the end of our project, the message of life is sent out to the world 🍀

Amir hosein Abdi

Business Development Specialist

Amir hosein

Synapse is a great platform for growth for employees, startups, entrepreneurs, and existing technology. There is no limit to growth. Accelerating our Personal Development is one of the lovely characteristics of synapse

Afsaneh Kabirian

Commercial Manager


Synapse is a company whose people are not only so professional and wise that they don’t need to drag others down to express themselves, but they always do everything they can to support you and make you feel better;
Leaving the safe place in my life and choosing Synapse is definitely one of the best events during my life…
I believe that success in this company is not just an accident, but it’s a principle for those who persevere.