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So far, most of the focus has been on treatment, but what takes precedence over treatment is prevention and diagnosis Illness or problem. Recognition is a first and key step in achieving the desire for human immortality. Man has always inherently sought the desire for immortality, and diseases are a constant obstacle in the way The fulfillment of this wish has been and is. The way to overcome this obstacle and the secret of achieving and maintaining the treasure of health in Latent health sciences. Diagnosis and treatment are two strong wings of health sciences and a successful treatment always Based on and following a correct and timely diagnosis is formed. So in the beginning, we focus In this area, health has been less seen, so that we can follow in the footsteps of other science leaders May health lead to the culmination and progress of this field. What matters is that you follow This improvement will have valuable consequences. like the:

Increase useful life People.
Better quality of life Human beings.
Access to new methods prevention, Diagnosis and treatment.
Create easier processes And faster In prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

As a result, all smiles have a longer expiration date on human lips Will have. Our goal is tied to the extension of this expiration date and originated from the desire of the heart It is collective that Gathered at the synapse.



Since 2018, Synapse has invested in over 30 startups on IVD technology and services 70 Product development 40 commercial lunches 15 startups 10 M investment Over 80 highly qualified, educated professionals 8 joint innovation projects

What do we do at the synapse?


At the synapse, we make the ideas and perceptions within the mind tangible. Sometimes ideas don’t have a true shape, we shape them with your help. An interesting idea is able to solve an issue and people's problem and seeks to create value. Ideas must be accessible, scalable, demanding, attractive, and novel. All of these together compromise a valuable idea, and our specialty is recognizing the value of ideas for the future. Anyone can be an innovator. Synapse itself is the birthplace of many ideas, so ideas may exist, we may give them to you for growth and development. We do not just accept ideas, We accept talents and teams to implement their ideas. We believe brilliant ideas may pop up in many people but the people who do it are valuable. synapse is a gathering of talents. We believe that people who have genes, talent, and special skills, with perseverance and effort, can create a combination of success. Talents will achieve amazing results in the right place, in the right direction, at the right time, and with the right teammates. Synapses provide the best for these talented people. We are looking for these talented people in the field of health. The ideas here are full of creativity and innovation. Among us, the terms "unattainable" and "impossible" are forgotten with the effort and perseverance of each member of the synapse family. We welcome initiative and creativity and take risks in this direction without fear. Our preferred startups receive a complete package of financial, knowledge, spiritual and emotional support from Synapse


Given the importance of the field of diagnosis in the health industry, many great futurists and entrepreneurs believe that the desired future of humanity depends on the science of medical diagnosis. Because investors are always looking closely at the future, their focus is more and more on this area. The growth of investments in health-related ideas, especially in the field of medical diagnosis, is growing, and we and our partners, because of their trust in us, are accelerating the process of investing in startups that come out of synapses. Even coaches who accompany teams during the acceleration process may invest in their teams and ideas in the post-acceleration phase. This trust has been built over many years and is the result of our successful history. The Synapse Accelerator was created with the support of a long-established medical company that has had significant success in its 23 years as an IVD manufacturing company. The Synapse team provides scientific and operational support to PishtazTab, but runs its programs completely independently and operates in a variety of areas related to PishtazTab Support Company. At Synapse, all teams have a high potential for success, and if members want, they can easily have several stages of fundraising, by different investors. Synapses offer many brilliant opportunities to work with investors, as they are also an important part of the synaptic network and, like a nerve cell, perform vital functions in the ecosystem.


Our experiences, along with the efforts and concerns of our teams, comprise part of the future of health in the world. Synapse provides a platform for teams, individuals, and companies to grow and develop their ideas. Entrepreneurs and their teams are the builders of the future, and our job is to find the best way to build a bright future. A good idea is valuable, but we believe team members have a more effective role to play in success. Ideas can be seen with different glasses here, and we are a group of people who look at the most diverse glasses to examine an idea. Synapses value futurists and all members of this family have a broad view of the future of their field of work; Because it is important for us to have a clear vision. Our mentors are experienced people who have at least once followed a path similar to that taken by young entrepreneurs. They are with you all the way. Our mentors are a group of professional and experienced industry experts, top scientists, international researchers, investors, entrepreneurs, business consultants, experienced managers, and .... Apart from this, in our family, anyone can be a mentor, even a freshman or a new member of a startup; Anyone who can teach valuable lessons to others or help their business can be a mentor. You can choose the right mentor for your team and business from our team of mentors. At Synapse, we have a valuable network of companies, investors, policymakers, and influencers, and we see this as one of our most unique strengths.


Our Family members

There is a lot of diversity in Synapse family members and we value that. From the differences and diversity in the age of the children to the city and the field and personal interests. Synapse is a community of the most talented people in the fields of biotechnology and biotechnology, engineering, art and design, pharmacy and medicine, laboratory and health, and creative entrepreneurs, a global network of suppliers, manufacturers, experts and investors. It also has health care.


Synapse Story

Pishtaztab Company was established in 1998 and started its work in the field of production of diagnostic tools and equipment and IVD. After a few years, PishtazTab Company found a very good situation in terms of sales volume, product portfolio, market position and customer trust. After a while, Pishtaztab established its good position and came to a standstill, and decided to form a new team to keep creativity, innovation and rapid growth alive in the IVD space. It was here that a synapse was formed from the heart of PishtazTab. Synapse is a backed company accelerator and operates in the field of health and is not limited to the field of diagnostics and IVD. Synapse is the connection between entrepreneurs and idea owners with industry and business investors.